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Every Precious Second


Getting in Touch

Man in the Moon


Don't judge the cover by the contents of the book
don't take a lover if you never learnt to wash and cook
those little angels on the street could be your neighbourhood threat
we're absolute begginners on our feet, we do it all without a net

Are you still on the make, are you all washed up?
When you step on the break you'll be looking for somebody you can...

Trust me for never leaving time for the paint to dry
Trust me for never knowing who, or what, or where, or why
Trust me in a corner, trust me in a jam
Trust me to overlook the duties of a working man

I don't give compliments, what I said was a fact
they're gonna kick you off the stage if you don't clean up your act
You pinned the tail on the dragon, you gave it body and soul
but if your heart is on the wagon you should drop it like a burning coal

When your sympathy is boiling up from under the crust
it's just a little hiccup, now there's no-one left to run to you can...

Trust me for whispering a prayer to help me jump the queue
Trust me for never being fair and for doubting you
Trust me to cast shadows, trust me to make waves
trust me for tipping all my arrow-heads with safety blades

Trust me, trust me...

Cross my palm, shake off the dust
take my arm, fill me with wanderlust...

Trust me for always seeing red when the lights go down
Trust me for standing on my head to turn things upside down
Trust me in a showdown, trust me in a fight
Trust me for the low-down on someone else's Saturday Night

Trust me, trust me...

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