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Every Precious Second


Getting in Touch

Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon works a crafty gypsy spell
you think he's immune, but he'd love to break his shell
He's as real as any pipe-dream in your pocket
like a child's balloon, you can't reach him with your rocket

Man in the Moon walks alone among the stars
he lives in a vacuum, and his prison has no bars
Man in the Moon - you can eat him up but you'll choke on every mouthful
a perfect cocoon, all wrapped in cotton wool

His shape is always changing, his smile is always false
his existence is a fiction, he's got no heartbeat, he's got no pulse...

Man in the Moon gots a bright and shiny face
filling your room with beams from outta space
Man in the Moon - a grinning Cheshire Cat ten thousand miles above you
he'll spin you a tune, but he's got no heart to love you
he's got no heart to love you...

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